Week 5 – Connection to Environmental Space


This session we did some work with colour and also had a visit to the park to see what we could find to add texture to some ceramic tiles for next week.

We started with our customary Statues Game, when stopped, we had to find a person with the matching colour card (I used paint chips from Bunnings for this) and say hello to them.

We then learned about painting, and colour mixing and rinsing brushes between colours, by painting a colour wheel with watercolour paint. Some students were already able to mix colours, and could assist their partners. Some students copied the colours of the pre-existing colour wheels across from the worksheets successfully. Others learned the names of colours, and had a good time painting with the watercolour paint.

We then were able to paint our pre-fired ceramics work from earlier sessions 1 and 2, so pinch pots and texture tiles were coloured with the paint.

We then roamed out into the park, and were able to get into groups to collect textures and leaves from the park to press or trace in clay tiles next week. Some students recorded their experiences via a worksheet, and used their senses…sight, hearing, touching and smelling to understand the space in the park.

We had a brief reflection talking about our sculpture design and who uses the park.


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