Week 4 – Connection to Personal Space

This week we focussed on working together, to describe personal space with the final activity of the session, which was drawing around our bodies on paper with oil pastels.

Our first activity was “Statues” game which is becoming quite a good routine for the SDS students to get energised and ready to focus. It also helps as sometimes the Primary School students are a bit later to arrive, so it is a good rolling start to our sessions. During this version of the “Statues” game, we listened to music and danced. Then, when the music stopped, we stopped, and made connecting shapes with our bodies which we had brainstormed beforehand – handshakes, fist bumps, holding hands, putting arms around shoulders and high fiving.

Our first clay activity we did individually, where we practiced rolling a coil/snake (and we made as many as we could for our group coil pots). The Primary School kids used the Aided Learning Display well again, and this time, the one I had made specific to this session rather than trying to work with pre-existing ones.

This time, for our group clay game we practiced our joining with slip/glue, and built a coil pot together, on our tables in groups of 3 or 4. This worked well, and Ms Mamic commented that this week our groups really worked well together and consolidated their skills as a team. There were some great results too, and some very tall pots from one team, so it was a good practice with skills used from previous weeks! Adam was great at applying the slip in his group, while the others pushed and wriggled to join their clay with the right amount of pressure so it would stay standing up.

For the last activity, we practiced our drawing and tracing skills, and luckily, as the weather was wet, I was prepared to draw around our bodies inside (though I wanted to try to go outside as a prelude to going to the park together next week). We changed rooms, to a bigger room with more space for the students. I showed an example we’d made earlier in the morning session with the SDS kids, then students lay down and drew around their bodies on some paper, layering different impressions of each person’s body over the last drawing. This was a great activity, and from the volume of noise in the room (and asking some students later), I gathered that the students also enjoyed it!


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