Week 3 – Connection to our body

This session focussed on consolidating the clay skills we have been developing, with the goal of making a clay trophy to symbolise “achievements”. The students were asked to think about achievements in any area, and to come up with ideas about alternative goals. I told them my story of my dad’s saying “If you see a parrot, it’s a good day”, and about how that can be a goal if you want it to. Some students came up with “friendliness’ as a goal, or “team work”, “being happy”, which is a good start to ideas for goal-setting in learning.

This time our statues game warm up focused on making the shape of a trophy, and I showed the students image of what a trophy might look like in profile. We had some great shapes and some students were able to copy others’ shapes successfully too.

We then recalled our last session, and all students remembered and refreshed how to make clay pinch pots, to be part of their trophies.

We then practices rolling a coil (“clay snake” shape), so we could use these as our trophy handles.

Students then were able to learn another new skill, joining clay, which is key in constructing clay work which stays together. They used “slip” and scratching to connect their trophies, and we talked about how when we did the tallest towers it was best to keep the clay going straight up vertically, as sometimes uneven weight caused collapse.

At the end, we reflected by drawing emoji, or faces which expressed how we felt at the end of the session. This was done outside, using clay as chalk.


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