Week 2 – Connection to Friends

Connection to FRIENDS through material and space

This week we focused on learning about our friends through using material together, as well as moving our bodies in space for warmup game. This worked well to get our bodies energized, and allowed us to try to loosen up and get our oxygen flowing so we could concentrate on the new things we were learning. This will be a good game to get us ready to work, and I am going to add different levels of things to do when the music stops and we have to freeze into certain shapes.


We then learned how to make pinch pots (three steps: make a ball, poke thumb/fingers into the middle, pinch/squeeze clay and rotate the ball). The way the students worked together was great, with Primary School students using the Aided Language Display with the SDS kids.

Our last activity was a big success for both teamwork, and student satisfaction. We did a collaborative “Building the Tallest Tower” game with clay, to consolidate manipulation skills of students.


We reviewed the tall towers following their construction, trying to see what worked and what didn’t. I will refer back to these properties of clay in the next sessions when we try to make a trophy.

For reflection the students put their name sticker on the picture of their favourite activity, which was quick and made it easy for students to tell what was being asked of them. It was easy to tell which was the favourite of the 3 activities, as there were scant stickers on the other images!

Informal Reflection.JPG


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