Harmony Park Sculpture Design Process

This is a blog about the design process for a new sculpture in Harmony Park with Coburg North Primary School and Coburg Special Development School students.

I will be working on a project with two schools in Coburg in 2017, to design a sculpture for Harmony Park, which physically connects to these two schools. This project is supported by funding from Creative Victoria.

Theme? Connections – broadly investigating student connections to their bodies, local spaces (park, school), culture, country, friends and community. The aim is to develop ideas for an interactive sculpture for Harmony Park.

Where? 10 sessions will be conducted mainly Coburg Special Development School, a second phase of project will be done off site, with final location of public sculpture in Harmony Park.

Why? So both groups of students learn about collaboration and create something bigger than themselves they can feel ownership over. The sculpture will be designed by them (in collaboration with the artist), which symbolises the connections both schools, and students have with each other and their community.


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