Week 1 – Connection to Self

IMG_8055The theme of this week was learning about ourselves in space and how to use and interact with our main material clay.

Clay is a great material, as it develops motor skills, it is very tactile for students who enjoy sensations, and it can mimic a lot of things, and create maquettes – small versions of sculptures to express a larger, final idea.

This week we met each other, saying hello and introducing ourselves. For students who were non-verbal, and for me, we wore name-tags this week, to make it easy to remember or pronounce names. We talked about the theme of “Connection”. We talked about the idea of what a sculpture is, what it can do, and what it can represent.

Then students were introduced to the medium of clay, and played with it for 10 minutes. They practiced rolling, and offered ideas for what else we could do with clay. We then experimented with pressing gumnuts, seed pods and leaves into clay to make impressions).

We then played a collaborative game, where we made a hybrid monster together, each student making various parts of a monster to join together at the end.

Students reflected briefly on the session using a PODD book to point to descriptors. One student was asked how he felt to be involved in the project, and pointed to “beautiful, special”.


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